Here’s to the love that conquers it all

“2018 – The year in which I married my best friend.

From the day we entered each other’s life everything started feeling right. It felt like we both found our life’s’ purpose.

Witnessing each other at our best as well as worst strengthened our bond. Before we knew it, we were deeply, madly, and irrevocably in love with each other.

With our love for each other only growing every day, we decided to take the next step.

Just like it was in “2 States”, we too came from different cultures and backgrounds so obviously we were worried about the acceptability of our relationship. But thankfully, our parents’ reaction was nothing like that of Amrita Singh’s, and all our worrying was for naught.

Our parents happily accepted our relationship, and soon we had an amazing wedding filled with love and all things love.
Life was everything that we ever wanted it to be. It was as if we were living in a fairy tale.

Those six months of our companionship were the happiest months of our lives and we had everything planned for our future.
Little did we know that fate had something else in store for us.

One morning while I was still in the hangover of all the love that was showered upon me a day before and was completely soaked in my birthday balloons, flowers, cakes, and what not, Arvind left for a usual biking trip with his friends.

A couple of hours later, I got a devastating call that said that he had met with an accident. A Bolero had come onto the one-way road and had crashed right into him.

Post that call, I felt choked. I felt like someone had sucked the life out of me.

It took me some time, but today, I am living it all right. Truth be told, it is only because of Arvind, for he is still with me, I can still feel him.
From that day to today, I have always felt him and his presence around me, and I know, I always will.

Arvind used to call me his guardian angel, but now he is my guardian angel. It feels like he is watching over me, encouraging me to take life one day at a time, to smile, to live and most importantly, to love myself and believe in myself even when everything falls apart.

It is not like I don’t miss him, but whenever I do, I say his name. His name never fails to bring a smile on my face. This is because, in those six months, he gave me love and memories for a lifetime. I can live lifelong and beyond with his memories.

I was lucky to have found my soulmate in him. He keeps me going with his love even after he has passed on.

With his love, I’ve been trying to do everything that we had planned together. I am trying to live the life which we planned for us, to live those dreams which we saw for ourselves.
Basically, I am trying to live one life for both of us, because no matter what life has in store for me, I will always have a part of him in me and I don’t want to upset him. Therefore, I will try to live it right till the very last breath.
I will forever be his Sneha, Sneha Arvind!”

This love story of Sneha Arvind truly transcends all the boundaries of time, life, and death.
It is never easy to lose a loved one, and it sure is even more difficult to live life after you have experienced such a loss.

But the basic nature of life is that it keeps going.
You might stop and mourn, but life won’t stop for you. So you can either live miserably, give up everything, stop living altogether, or you can decide to rise again and live life in such a way that your loved ones live their life with you.

I love Sneha’s spirit, for she didn’t give up!

She decided to live her life to the fullest, to live the life she dreamt of with her husband and I think this is the best way in which she can keep a part of him alive in her forever!

Sneha and Arvind wanted to go for sky diving, but before they could, Arvind left. But this didn’t stop Sneha from living their dream. She went for sky diving and lived the experience for both her and Arvind.

Sneha, I am sure Arvind is watching you from up there and is super proud of you. For it is with you he is living his dreams now.

Here’s to you, your love, and to your undying spirit Sneha!

Shiyali Sharma

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